So for those who don’t know, I breastfed Tara until she was over a year and a half old. Yes this does mean I was breastfeeding for the first trimester of my pregnancy with Norah. So yes, I am breastfeeding Norah.

Now to have a good supply to be able to exclusively breastfeed you have to make sure you are getting enough calories. This usually means I need an afternoon snack. In addition I am also trying some Mothers Milk tea which is also meant to help lactation. So today’s snack.



I actually had some toast with Nutella on it, but it doesn’t take as nice a picture.

So why am I sharing this. Well in reality it all is because I have been trying to pump some extra and Norah took her first bottle yesterday. She was 5 weeks and 5 days old. It took some work to get her to figure out how to suck on a bottle nipple but she did it. This gives hope for my plans to go back a day a week to work in a few weeks.

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