Clarisonic Review Part 3

Ok, so I have been really bad about getting around to finishing my review of the Clarisonic Mia. I wanted to wait until after I delivered Norah to see how the changes in hormones effected my skin. I know I have a connection between my eczema and my hormone changes so I thought I better wait and see what my skin was like after delivery. Well after delivery the weather changed here too, so some combination there of left my skin pretty dry. What I did find though was that the Clarisonic seemed to still work great. It did not irritate my eczema at all, and actually seemed to help keep it under control on my face. Other parts of my body are not so lucky, but my face actually looks pretty good. I have noticed that my trend of trying to use it every day has faltered. This is really just because the new baby at home has messed up my schedule, but I am still using it in the shower (yes it is water proof). I do find that I get smoother skin if I do use it everyday, so I am hoping to get back to that trend. But yes, I do give this product the thumbs up, and highly recommend it to those looking to better their skin care routine. And as my mom likes to remind me, it is a good idea to start a good skin care routine early in life, so your skin looks good later.

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  1. Hi Katie! Thanks for posting about your experience with the Clarisonic. I’m also an eczema sufferer. I’m curious if you tried using the Clarisonic on your body. I understand there’s a body brush too. I think your review about what it does for face has got me sold on buying the Mia and trying it out.

    1. I have tried it with the brush I am using the rest of the time on my neck, and found it helps but I do still break out some there. I haven’t yet tried it on the rest of my body. My face is still doing really well though.

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