My wife told me to

So I figured I would actually post something.

I am eating a Twix. (Shhh, don’t tell my wife) But on the plus side I have been biking to work for 3 weeks now. And I still haven’t gotten a scale so I don’t know if I have actually lost any weight. I have however, learned a thing or two about being a bicycle commuter.

1. According to this lovely document, I cannot ride with headphones on. So I put these lovely things in the side mesh pockets of my backpack. The sounds quality is nice and the battery life is amazing actually. I charged them up once and have gone the three weeks so far without recharging. They have a single mini jack stereo input so I use a headphone splitter to connect two of them. The produce quite a lot (almost obnoxious) amount of volume. However when riding, most of that volume gets drowned out but the traffic and road noise. But it works none the less and makes the ride a fair bit more enjoyable. I have to admit that when I was riding in AR, I got a little spoiled because there was a nice trail that ran around most of the major roads and was a very relaxing ride. Here in CA, or more accurately in San Jose, I get a lot of bumper to bumper traffic and major city streets. It’s not so fun. It is a lot better then paying $4.25 a gallon in gasoline though.

2. There is this weird bike culture out here that consists of a lot of hardcore, 40 miles a day just for fun, need me some spandex, get out of my way, riders that I really don’t like. The fact that I ride a mt. bike as opposed to a road bike is almost a cardinal sin with these people. I like riding because it is kind of fun, and I save on gas and get healthy. This doesn’t mean I need a $1500 road bike and a new wardrobe. My cheap old Wal-Mart helmet does just fine thank you very much. (although I could use some new padding)

I fully encourage people to get out and bike. Actually for anything less then a 10 mile commute you probably should be biking to work. I currently bike 6.1 miles each way and it takes me about 40 minutes. Of course that includes the 10 minutes or so of waiting at traffic lights, and I am very out of shape. The first day it took me over an hour to ride here. I have gotten faster and will continue to do so over the summer. For reference, it takes me about 20 to 30 minutes to drive those same 6 miles depending on traffic. So for an extra 10 minutes I save a about $3 to $4 dollars a day and I get in shape. Sounds like a plan to me.


In other news, work is going well. We had a baby, not me and work mind you, but me and the wife. You know in case you missed the memo…

I think I will have to do a separate daddy blog entry one of these days.

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