I want…

I get really wrapped up in things when I want them. Now I don’t really really want things often, but when I want something I get very stuck on the idea. So my latest want is a new car.

Now if you don’t know, we are driving a 1988 Mercury Tracer (a 23 year old station wagon that was my grandmother’s) and a 2009 Nissan Versa. Now the station wagon has low mileage for it’s age, AC, and key locks on both front doors, oh and we got it for free. The Versa we bought during the cash for clunkers. We traded in our pickup truck for it and bought the most stripped down model out there. This meant we were able to pay cash for the brand new car, but it is very stripped down. It does not have AC. We had to install the stereo because it didn’t come with one. It is a manual transmission. It has mechanical locks and hand crank windows. Oh and there is only a key lock on the driver’s side door. Now both cars are actually very small. This size factor is now becoming an issue as we are a family of 4.

I have been driving the Versa since it gets better gas mileage (lately 32 mpg), but as it is getting warmer and I have to run around and around the car to get everyone in this is not going to be the best option this summer. So it looks like I will be switching to the station wagon 🙁 Now first off I am just not a fan of driving the station wagon, but also it does not get as good of gas mileage and I still won’t have what most people consider standard features on a car today. Oh and driving around in a 23 year old car with kids just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen (most likely including all of us stranded somewhere). It probably doesn’t help that on a mommy group online I am a part of someone was just commenting on their new car and how they were so excited to have some of the new features out there (gps, Bluetooth, etc) and I have never had a car with power locks or windows.

So of course all of this got me looking at cars. Now I just won’t drive a minivan. I understand their purpose, but they are just so darn big and yeah no. So I have been looking at small SUVs. Now just from experience being in them I have been looking at the Ford Escape. I would really like the hybrid version, but I knew that was out of our price range before even starting. I have been looking at new or certified preowned for the warranty factor.

Well now that is where I am stuck, how to pay for it. Well first off I don’t want a monthly payment. I am very anti-debt and really do not like the idea of paying interest. Also with me at home our budget is tighter then I like. This is especially true because of the cost of living out here being so darn high. Now we have savings, why not use it towards a new car. Well good financial practice is to keep at least 6 months of expenses in savings as a just in case. Well with the price of living out here, even with trading in the Versa we would dip way to far below 6 months of expenses. Most everywhere else in the country this would so not be the case. So unless we rob a bank or are given a substantial amount of money we will continue to drive the cars we have and slowly try to save for a new car. 🙁

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