Midday Bath

So Norah has been switching from a poopy diaper with every diaper change to one poopy per day. Well this has meant some pretty explosive large diapers. A classic one was Saturday night while out for my early mother’s day dinner. Let us just say the the white pokadots on her pants were yellow and her carseat had to be washed. Anyways, so this leads to yesterday. Norah did not have a poopy diaper at all yesterday. I knew this meant I would be in for a huge one today. Well after having just changed a wet diaper she was laying on the changing pad and I heard it. Oh this was it. I of course waited a bit to make sure she was done, or so I thought. I began to change her and out more came. She finally stopped so I pulled the very full diaper out from under her, but of course out comes more. Now it is all over the cute outfit she has on. Amazingly she is actually still pretty clean (nothing a wipe couldn’t fix). So I fully undress her and pull the cover off the changing pad. Now of course she pees. Not just a little pee, instead it is everywhere and she is lying in it. Even her hair is wet. This is what lead to Norah’s midday bath.

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