Ok… So today was a bit odd. Tara had woken up really early (4:30am and then 5:30am) but then slept on the couch till 11am. But that is not what this post is about. This post is about me being a klutz as usual. So I had made Tara lunch, Norah was sitting nicely in her bouncy seat and I was trying to make myself a tuna fish sandwich. I had added the mayo in and was getting a plate down when it slipped from my hand and hit the bowl with the tuna in it. Somehow in the mix of it all I sliced open my finger. Was actually bleeding a pretty good amount. The first thing that went through my head was not ouch, or oh no or anything like that, it was crap what am I going to do with the kids if I can’t get this to stop bleeding on my own. Yep they came first. Luckily I did get the bleeding to stop (a paper towel and 2 bandaids later). Sadly I didn’t get my tuna sandwich cause I was afraid that there might be shards of plate in the tuna. I ended up eating microwave chicken fried rice (not bad but so not what I was in the mood for). Oh and now I need to go pick up a replacement bowl and plate at some point since they were ones that matched our set and we got them for our wedding.

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