A week later and life moves on

So we had a new baby last week. You know in case you forgot.

Anyways, After a few adjustments we are just starting our routines and hopefully next week I will start biking to work again. When I lived in Arkansas I had gotten pretty big and opted to start biking to work to lose weight. (Not to mention that whole save on gas thing) Between the food poisoning and the biking I ended up losing about 40 lbs. After being a stay at home dad for a year and then working at Google with all the free food I have since gained back that 40 lbs and then some. I currently sit at about 270. So here’s to another round of summer biking 12 miles a day round trip to help reduce said poundage. I also have a little project  I want to do with mounting a stereo to my bike because it is illegal to ride with headphones in California. (or at least last time I checked) I will hopefully post some pics on how that works out.

So wish me luck world as I embark on my own biggest loser goal and here’s to a new healthier me . Starting next week… after I finish off those cookies… and if the weather’s nice.

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