Training pants

So for the first time today Tara tried wearing training pants. Now as hopefully you all know by now we have cloth diapered Tara. Well for a while she has not really cared to be changed. This got worse when she has a stint of constipation. Well today she had a big old poopy diaper and of course didn’t want to be changed. I finally got her cleaned up but she didn’t want a diaper put back on. So I ended up asking her if she wanted to wear underwear (which were really Gerber brand training pants). Well she agreed to that. After that I kept trying to see if she would sit on the potty. She kept saying no. Well eventually he ended up having an accident and peed in the training pants. Well she really did not like the feeling of that. She didn’t want to sit on the potty then. So she agreed fairly quickly to be changed. She wasn’t do sure about putting underwear on again, so we went for a diaper. But overall it was successful in her realizing she was wet and uncomfortable. So hopefully this is the start of getting her potty trained. I do need to pick up some more training pants, cause she only has 3 pairs. Don’t really want to be washing them every day.

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