Still pregnant

So my due date is just 5 days away. This is actually my adjusted due date from an early ultrasound. My original due date is only 2 days away. Anyways, so I am not so patiently waiting for this little girl to make her appearance.

Most things around the house are ready for #2. I have purchased infant sized prefolds and washed them 4 times (3 times with detergent and once without). Now for those that don’t know, with Tara we have used a diaper service. This time around I am going to try washing them myself. Now I have only used prefolds with the diaper service, so I have also picked up 2 pocket diapers on sale called katydids to try too. Nicely they are one size so if we like them we can use them for a nice long time.

Other then diapers I have also washed all of the 3 month clothes (Tara was one ounce shy of 9 lbs, so we never used newborn size). These are actually all put up and organized. Oh and since I am going to be washing cloth diapers I have also decided to try cloth wipes so they are washed too.

The bassinet is all setup too. This is new for us since Tara just slept in the bugaboo for the first 2 months and then moved to her crib.

The main thing I need to do is work on organizing my clothes so they aren’t all piled on the glider. As it is now, I can’t sit in that chair which is by far the easiest place to breastfeed in.

So yes, we are mostly ready for this little girl to join us. Now if she just would.

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