Long time overdue

So, I know it has been forever since I last updated. Well for once their is a bit of a reason. For those who have not read on Twitter or facebook, I am pregnant. I am 10 weeks right now making me due in April about 2 weeks after Tara’s second birthday. I know we are crazy, but very excited. Well since we were waiting till I was 8 weeks along and had my first appointment to tell anyone I kept really quiet here on the blogging front. So far their haven’t been any problems with the pregnancy except pretty bad “all day” sickness. With Tara I just had a bad gag reflex with things like brushing my teeth. This time around it has been different. As a result multiple people have now told me they think it must be a boy. We still have about 10 weeks before we will find that out.

On another note, we did end up purchasing a Taga bike. I love it, but need to not be getting sick as much so I can ride it more. Tara thinks it is so much fun too and keeps signing bike all the time. She gets kind of mad when we don’t take the bike.

Anyways, I will probably leave the update to just that for now, but hopefully now that it is public I will share a bit more with everyone (ie update my blog more often).

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