So… I have been bad about updating again…  So I thought I had better give one… Life has been a bit crazy recently…  The weekend after David came to visit we had the nieces and nephew oh and their dad (sam’s brother ed) all came up to visit…  Then the weekend after that we went to Great America with Sam’s dad and his half sister Jessica…  And then this weekend we went to the No Doubt concert… So it has been a while since we have had a lazy weekend….  Every weekend has been crazy…  Well to add on top of that, work has been a bit crazy too… This week there was both spectra to be taken and I was trying to attend the Lunar Science conference…  So now I am just warn out… I am in need of something relaxing..

On another note, Tara had her doctor’s appointment earlier this week… It was her 4 month appointment….  Now our little girl has always been big… I mean she was born at 8lbs 15oz… Well now 4 months later she weighed in at 17lbs 4oz…  She is above 95th percentile for weight and to add to that she is over 25 inches long (about 90th percentile for height)…  Yesterday I had to move the straps up on her car seat… Though she may look like her daddy, she is built like me.., Big, tall and long in the torso..

Anyways, now that I at least have something of an update and the baby is starting to stir from her nap, I am out of here…

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