Ok…So I decided that today is a great day to blather…especially since i have cramps right now and really need to think of something else. First off, let us go off about what is on our mind right now *slap* get myself out of this third person speech…Ok…Well first of all a little background. I have been dating sam for over 2 years now….Wow isnt that scary. Anyways, he is a year and a half older than me…Always interesting. Now he followed me off to college…He was going to a local JC, and well when I applied for college, he applied to the same one. So now for the past year we have been off at college together. It has been great, but the whole idea now has moved to the future. We have been talking about the idea of marriage more and more. It has been established that I will not marry before I graduate college, but we started discussing saving money towards the future. Sam was discussing saving money for an engagement ring, and to add to that money for a wedding and then after that. It is kind of overwhelming to think about my future already. At the same time it isnt scary to think about being with him. I can picture being with Sam forever. Ok…well I think I shall stop blathering and get back to work for a while…yes I am at work right now, I work for sam’s dad….but that is a different story.

29 thoughts on “Blathering”

  1. you should go look at chel’s friends’ list. she and mac. were talking over this for like an hour. And i was bord enough to read it all one day.

  2. Doesnt surprise me all that much…actually a very long time ago i had an online journal and that happened a bunch…the the server it was on died…and I got mad at the people running it…and well yeah that is the end of that story

  3. Hmm…sorry just trying to picture you beating up someone…and I think of anime fight scenes…ok…sorry I am just amused….

  4. oh yeah baby!! heheh, you should see my costume! and no comments about tweezers or magnifing lenses either!!!

  5. Can we keep the dissing of MacKenzie in her own comments section? Jeeze, and when I’m not even actively reading the journal at hand. It kills me how much of a bitch you are, Lala. *tsk, tsk*

    Yeah, I just found this. Hiya, Katie.

  6. *giggles* You became a bitch the same time you became a ho. *giggles* Read: I just made it up because I was bored.

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