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Adventures in Dad Thoughts. Frozen

Dan: Hey look at this video. It’s a promo for American Idol.

YouTube: Idol ad plays little girl singing Let It Go…

Me: Awww the judges are adorable and gave her a ticket.

Norah: (My 4 year old) Daddy what’s that video?

Me: it’s just a clip of a little girl singing Frozen and the judges liked her. (Showing her the last second of the clip.

Norah: Ah ok. (Starts singing Let It Go)

Me: Ok you can stop now.

Norah: (pouts) awwwww Dad…

Take that gender stereotypes

So a nice quiet Saturday afternoon and Katie and I decided to be productive. First we take a bunch of old stuff to goodwill and then we come on home. Now Katie has been on a tech kick for a bit and decided to buy some Nest thermostats. Tara has been a bit antsy today and saying she was bored so I decided she needed some special daddy daughter time so we spent the afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies while Katie installed all the Nests.
So if that says anything about husband and wife roles in society, it says I like cookies more then technology.

And then Norah peed on us.
Now it’s definitely time for cookies.