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Nadda much

So I am sitting here watching Elmo with my daughter and thought “Hey, maybe I should update my blog.”

This is my last week of being a stay at home dad again. I start work for Ricoh next week as a web service support specialist. Not sure what I’ll be doing but it sounds important. I do know that I should be working with the quanp groups. More info at here

The mrs. Is looking forward to spending more time with Tara and also wants to move again. I swear it’s only while pregnant does she want to move. We are looking to move so we can have a bit more space with 2.0 on the way. And something a bit cheaper as well.

But if we do find a new place it should be fun to setup as Katie and I have become addicted to Ikea hackers
Just another excuse to actually use some tools and that whole DIY thing.

So I still need something to blog about on a fairly regular basis. Any ideas for a theme?

The great job hunt of 2010

I have applied for somewhere over 300 jobs in the past few months. This is because my contract at Google is ending in a few weeks. I am going to miss the free food. However I am not sure I am going to miss the work. I have never tried IT work at a corporate environment before and this was my first stint. Not bad and probably not the most accurate example of what corporate IT work is like but who knows.

If I had my dream job it would be to be the “idea guy” I love problem solving and like to think things through to their multiple possible conclusions. I would suspect that a think tank or maybe a R&D department would be great. However I think most of these types of jobs are engineering based and require a degree in such. In the mean time I will just continue to think my ideas and see if anyone else comes up with them same thoughts. After all Fools think alike, Geniuses think along the same lines.

And now back to Starcraft 2.

I have to succumb to the madness that is 25 Random Things About Me

I really do think the only reason why I am writing this is me being in a funk and I feel like blathering

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I just built 4x8x2 planter boxes for the backyard. I feel more accomplished doing that then I do remodeling the house.

2. I am currently making a mix cd for my wife Katie how is now regularly commuting to work and is bored of the same old music in her car. The first song in Falling in Love is so Hard on the Knees By Aerosmith. She wanted it bouncy, i don’t know if thats bouncy enough but it does make me think that I used to tell everyone who asked that I would listen to any type of music except country and rap. I then moved to Arkansas where there is nothing but country and rap. Now i listen to country and rap. So the next song should be Loud by Big and Rich

3. I would love to make enough money to support my wife and family so that none of them would have to do anything, but seeing as I have a degree in nothing it isn’t going to happen. That sucks

4. I love reading Sara’s blog because she is just damn funny. Klick Here  I miss her dearly and she should drag that husband of hers out here to visit Katie and me.

5. Alrighty then…I recently ripped our entire dvd collection to the computer. Several… months, terabytes, and worn out optical drives later, i am almost done… Frakkin MPAA and RIAA

6. I play the drums from time to time I finally cleaned out the garage enough to set up and play the drum set i bought myself in college. First time in 4 years. Does it still count as “playing” if you go that long in between

7. I never use shaving cream when I shave

8. I’m going to be a Dad.. Thats kind of a big deal right now, Katie’s due in March… dun dun dun. Oh and I named the cat in two seconds, we are still looking for a name several months later for Jr. Yes I have successfully nick named my spawn to be Jr. 

9. I never feel as though I accomplish anything, I for some reason always want to be able to do more

10. This is a lot harder then it looks… maybe it’s just me. I really wish I had some talent for drawing so I could make another attempt at a comic strip. 

11. I own a ridiculously expensive computer that I use to rip DVDs. see number 5. Good thing I didn’t pay full price for it. 

12. I fully understand the phrase of ” those who can’t do, teach” I find it way easier to explain something to someone, like how to make a movie, or start  a business, but couldn’t for the life of me come up with enough motivation to do it myself. Except when i get really pissed off about it. That really can’t be healthy. 

13. In the last month, I have learned to drywall, paint, lay flooring, level ground, and that most people at Home Depot don’t have a clue and that contractors suck. But father in laws that know how to build stuff are very useful

14. I have no idea what I am doing life right now

15. I used to be able to say with pride that I could eat an entire bag of Oreos in one sitting. That thought of it makes me sick now

16. I don’t really care for outdoor activities but I do enjoy biking. Contradictory much?

17. I have been working with computers for the better part of two decades and yet I am still a lousy typist. 

18. I have made a few sample mix cds in GarageBand using nothing but loops and they are fun

19. I am a really good shopper. I once had a store pay me 60 bucks to buy a Nintendo GameCube. 

20. That fact that this has taken me over an hour to write means I am definitely not that introverted. or maybe a lack of self awareness… I type therefore I am

21. I have a brother who walks around quoting video games and movies. It is really weird to have the phrase ” I see angels Mr Bubbles” running thru your head at 2 in the morning. 

22. I am the youngest of 5 siblings, but only if you don’t count my half sister, but she counts so never mind

23. My wife’s new most common saying to me is please explain that pinky moment.. because apparently i forget to say the middle part like Pinky and the Brain

24. I have fore arms bigger then the rest of my arm from drumming over the years, kinda like Popeye

25. I make way too many analogies to movies and other media.. it like my life is an open podcast instead of an open book.

Just a little update

So my bike broke. and I mean really broke. I kind of sort of fell off it and the back derailer bent into the spokes and now the wheel is flat and wobbles. Between that and the already bad brakes, I have decided to replace the $60 Wal-Mart special and go for something a little nicer. I enjoy bike riding and I have apparently lost some weight in doing so. Not to mention the 14 mile a day round trip to work has saved me over $70 in gas. So me and the mrs are going to go bike shopping tonight and see what we can find. Ye Haw I say Ye Haw, especially since I don’t ride a horse.