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So 20 years ago give or take a day, my friend Nicole said “Hey you should go to prom.” Even though I had graduated the year before I was like “Ok sure.” “Well I have a date so here, Katie can take you.”

Fast forward a few months and I went to Japan. I was at a glass factory and being the hopeless romantic I am I decided I’d buy a glass rose and I told some friends “I’ll give it to the next girl I fall in love with.”

Well 20 years later, I was right. I did give it to the girl I fell in love with.

It’s been 11 years, feels like 16.

Today is Katie and mines anniversary. We have been married for 11 years although we were together the 5 before that hence the funny title. I thought this post would be better for last year but like most things in my life currently, everything seems to be last minute. 

I love her oodles and I love our kids and I love our lives together. She is amazing. 

And here are some funny things that have changed in those 16 years. 

Top 5 songs on the radio in 1999

1 “Believe” Cher

2 “No Scrubs” TLC

3 “Angel of Mine” Monica

4 “Heartbreak Hotel” Whitney Houston featuring Faith Evans and Kelly Price

5 “…Baby One More Time” Britney Spears

Top five songs on Spotify in 2015


Top movie of 1999 – Toy Story 2

Top movie of 2015 – looks like it might be Inside Out. Guess some things don’t change. 
What Apple announced in 1999 – iBook

What Apple made a bazillion dollars from in 2015 – Apple Watch

10 years take 2. Day 6

So today we drove down to Honolulu and went first to Hank’s Haute Dogs. It was featured on Diners, Drive ins and Dives. It was pretty good. Not really worth a big long wait but since we got there right as they opened at 11 it was nice and quick.


Afterwards we went to the Pacific Valor memorial to get some learnings about the attack on Pearl Harbor.
It was amazing about how much detail and records they have of everything that happened leading up to, during, and after the attack. We did the audio tour so I learned quite a bit.

Not just a prop for Segal and alien movies.

We drove by the Dole plantation again on the way back up to grab some souvenirs. Then it was once again a fabulous fish dinner and back to pack for tomorrow flight. But Katie did manage to squeeze us into first class again so that was cool.

10 Years take 2. Day 5

After breakfast we have walked along the beach every morning. What a great way to start a day.

There was a local art festival in a town nearby so we headed there this morning. We bought a few prints to decorate the kids room and for Katie.

Then we went and bought aloe. Lots and lots of aloe. And then some more aloe.

10 years take 2. Day 4

Early morning when you are on a different time zone isn’t that early. Which made it nice for our kayak tour at 7:45 since we were up at 6 anyways.
We did also see a giant old sea turtle, a ww2 bunker and the lightning tree from the hunger games catching fire.





We then went to the Kahuka grill which is a smaller shack of a local restaurant. Garlic shrimp and a cheeseburger for there.

We have been reading almost every afternoon since we got here. Just chilling on the beach or by the pool. I’ve been hanging out all week reading Divergent since Katie bought it for the kindle. There are enough differences between the book and the movie that I am now finding the movie more annoying. Otherwise it’s an ok read.

For dinner we went to another local place called Teds bakery. It was ok. And we slices of cake and pie for dessert.
Then we just hung out on the deck watching the sunset.


10 years take 2. Day 3

So we started with breakfast buffet again and at way too much. Then it was off to our off road Segway tour. We are such geeks. They were really fun. Your leg muscles get a little site from having to balance yourself but otherwise Katie has decided she wants an off-road one. I told her to clean out the garage first.


So in the afternoon we just chilled and went to find some non heavy food for lunch. Then I took a 4 hour nap. We had some food by the pool for dinner and called it a day as it was starting to rain.

10 Years take 2. Day 2 – Anniversary day.

Woke up at 6:00 AM. Of course with the time difference that’s 9:00 AM at home. Had a nice breakfast buffet. Walked along the beach topless for an hour. (Sorry ladies I’m taken).

Today is out anniversary. We have been married for 10 years and together for 15. I love Katie. And I will love her for a long time, you know… like always.
We walked along the beach this morning just talking about us and out marriage and what we liked and didn’t like. Things to work on and things we love about us being together. It was pretty awesome.
We have a couples massage this afternoon and a dinner tonight but otherwise we are super enjoying the time together and just relaxing.

Oh and she really liked it.
Top one if for our ten years.
Middle one is for Tara and
Bottom one is for Norah.


10 Years take 2 – Day 1

I’ve been a grown man for 15+ years and I still get nervous about getting airsick before flights. Today is no different. The wife and I are heading to Hawaii for our ten year anniversary. A whole week or surf, sun, sand, and no kids.
This is the first vacation I’ve had in a long time where the while purpose was just to relax and rejuvenate. I figured I’d start the mental part with a little blog writing to get some self awareness.

Why do so many people take off their shoes in first class? Katie upgraded us for the flight out here. It’s kind of neat. And the food is soooooo much waaaaaaay better. Also they give you this knock off android tablet thingy full of movies so I watched Sandra bullock in The Heat and Gravity. Yeah weird movies. But at least she has range.

After we landed we got our rental car and drive over to the Dole plantation where we walked around the worlds largest maze and then bought some chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Then it was off to the hotel at Turtle Bay resort on the north shore. We hung out and walked along the beach and then went to an overpriced tourist dinner. Overall it’s a good way to start the week.


Take that gender stereotypes

So a nice quiet Saturday afternoon and Katie and I decided to be productive. First we take a bunch of old stuff to goodwill and then we come on home. Now Katie has been on a tech kick for a bit and decided to buy some Nest thermostats. Tara has been a bit antsy today and saying she was bored so I decided she needed some special daddy daughter time so we spent the afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies while Katie installed all the Nests.
So if that says anything about husband and wife roles in society, it says I like cookies more then technology.

And then Norah peed on us.
Now it’s definitely time for cookies.

Forever and a day kind of update.

Well so it has been awhile. I need to do a bunch of updates to the site but hopefully now that I have a precious little more time due to my new job schedule, I will be able to update more.
(That’s what she said.)

Which brings me to my first update in life, I no longer work for Yammer/Microsoft. It was a good almost two years but the job changed, the management changed, and I changed myself right out the door along with it. However I got a new job working at the Nueva School. It’s a preK – 8th and now a new high school for gifted kids. Maybe my kids will turn out to be brainiacs like their mother and go there some day, but for now it pays bills and offers a change of pace as well as opportunities to learn new stuff.

Speaking of school, its hard to imagine that both my girls will be in preschool this fall. Everybody say “awwwwww.” They do grow up so fast. Here’s a new pic in case you were wondering.


Katie just finished up a month stint back in the lab over at NASA Ames and I think it was good for here to do it but also I think she is glad to be done with it. Two full time jobs if even for a month is super hard.

That is the quick recap to get me back into the habit of writing and here is hoping there is more to come.