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A Valentines Post on this blog…what could possible go wrong.

This is gonna get me laid.

Ok well probably not but one can hope. Yes it is that time of year when people shove each other and get in fights over silly looking flowers and pounds of sugar. (mmmm, suger)
And that’s alright. I was talking to a friend about it and got the now usual tale about how it’s such a made up holiday and you shouldn’t need an excuse to express your love for someone. Which is true…


I am now an old married guy. One who spends too much time on the train writing blog posts while going to his job. One who doesn’t get to spend nearly enough time with his wife. (or kids) And one who does actually appreciate a day on his calendar where he can remember to take that extra time and remind his wife about how much he loves her.
Remind her
about how beautiful she is
about how awesome a mother she ie
about how she can still make me feel all gitty as a school boy
about how cool she is for actually laughing at very terrible jokes.
about how she is wonderful for caring about me
and last but never in the least about how amazing she is as a person. (cough, astronaut, cough)

See what I did there (points up). Those be some good brownie points. ( you know, for geting laid)

So for a made up holiday I think I did pretty good. I bought her a gift of a teen chick flick about vampires. (and got dirty looks for buying it in the store) Will probably have to watch it with her too.
Got her some sugar.
Probably not going to get her flowers. Did take the kids for a weekend.

(I sooo should get laid for this…)

I love you Katie.

(sorry for all the getting liad references)

Big Hugs ūüėõ

Really YouTube, I don’t think so.

So awhile ago I made a little video because I was bored and I posted it on YouTube.

Here it is in original form in case YouTube decides to get all uppity about it.

[stream provider=video flv=x:/ embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Now after this I received an email from YouTube informing me of a copyright violation. I ¬†thought this might be because my video clearly shows some logos for Oreo and what not. I was wrong. It was about the music. Here’s the email below.

“Dear djpoing,

Your video, Triple Double, may have content that is owned or licensed by INgrooves.

No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.

– The YouTube Team”

The music in question they are referring to is FanFare of the Common Man by Aaron Copland. I looked it up referring to the link they provided and followed up on the company that supposedly owns this music. They don’t have it listed on their site as available for license. Likewise on the YouTube page with this video, it lists a different company and artist as the soundtrack. And the worst part of all this is that the song is over 60 years old which means it is technically part of the Public Domain and therefore available for use for everyone. But it is even more trickier then that. See you can renew a copyright to a performance of the music. Of course this particular piece of music is played by every high school and college band a hundred times every year. ¬†And sometimes the recording rights can be sold, transferred or reapplied to a different version of the recording. And this is why I am really beginning to hate copyright and or patent law. Definitely broken.

In other news Oreo did indeed release a Triple Double cookie. It tasted good. (and yes I know I need to go on a diet)

Anniversary presents.

So I started the¬†tradition¬†when we first got married to actually attempt to find both a traditional and modern wedding¬†anniversary¬†presents for my wife. Of course the¬†Internet¬†being so full of wonderful information (sarcasm) has a few conflicting ideas as to what those gifts are. Some of the years are fairly consistent such as paper the first year. ( I bought her a comic book ūüėČ

So this year we learned that the traditional gift was either copper or wool, and the modern interpretation of that is a desk set or something office related. Now my wife is a smart lady and has not only her BA degree in astrophysics but also a PhD in space and¬†planetary¬†science. But she never had her degrees framed so that was my gift to her this year for the desk set part. I tried to look for a diploma frame made out of copper only¬†apparently¬†they don’t¬†exist. I thought¬†about¬†making one but then I realized I have no real skill when it comes to¬†welding. So we found a nice cooper colored wood frame instead and I got those framed and will hang them eventually.

And then I bought her a outdoors clothes line dryer. Hey, it covers the wool part, and it’s romantic so shut up. I don’t want to hear anything about it. If you want to be helpful you can give me suggestions for next year¬†

7 years, 9 years, 12 years, whats a few numbers mean anyway

This past weekend, my wife and I celebrated our 7 years of being married. Of course this if just the number of years since our wedding. We got engaged 2 and a half years before that. And we dated for for 2 and half years before that. So what have I learned in 12 years. Probably as much or more then I’ve¬†forgotten.

– Our first “date” was as friends to her Jr. prom. I had already graduated high school and a friend told me I should go with her. Also I though she was kind of goofy.

– My wife was also my rebound as we sudo started dating the day I got dumped by my then current girlfriend.

РI did not propose in any sort of romantic way. Technically the first time I proposed was in front of Burger King and she said no.

– I felt as though we got married when she said yes. Even if she did have to beat it out of me. On a side note, I think more people should consider the “engagement” as actually being married and maybe there wouldn’t be as much divorce in this world.

РThen we had a huge party. It was fun. See here for proof.

– 5 years later we had sex and got a kid.

– And 2 years later we did it again and had another.

These are the important things in our marriage. The rest was all fun and I’m sure sometimes painful or joyous or any of a hundred other adjectives that mankind has come up with to express our feelings with. I still love her.

yup, that sounds about right.

Moving day part 2

So here I sit with my foot propped up and being iced because of three reasons. In no particular order they are… I’m old, I have gout, and I spent all weekend moving a bunch of furniture. That is officially not fun.

In other news I finally logged into Facebook after being off of it for about a month. I was just really tired of all this technology messing up life and needed a break. I remember back when I started my first website and it was literally because I was bored and my sister told me to make a website. Over the years I have tried new tech’s like angelfire, ( if anyone remembers that then good job, have a cookie! ) then my own domain, livejournal, and of course Facebook, myspace, twitter, and finally my WordPress blog. Through out all of it though, I was merely just learning new things. I never really had a purpose to any of it. Then I find myself spending hours a day looking at what other people are doing and just becoming more and more frustrated with technology in general. It was kind of like when I was working in computer sales. I would spend all day telling people all about the amazing things computers could do for them, and them I’d go home and check my email, and nothing else. So I took a break. I am still deciding what I want to do with all of this tech, but for now I am going to enjoy being me for awhile. So if you don’t see me “online” I’m still here. Just not really, as it were.

Other then that life is going ok. My job at Ricoh is moving right along and we will hopefully be all settled in the new house we are renting by this weekend. That would be me and my wife being settled, not me and Ricoh. Just sayin is all.

Oh and they baby is due in about a month. Shall we start the pool for date and time of birth?